Leading Minds: Executive Coaching For School Leaders
Leading Minds: Executive Coaching For School Leaders

Help Us Bring The Best Coaching To School Leaders.... 

Dear reader and colleague.  I am looking for YOUR assistance in return for a short period of complimentary executive coaching.


Read this and please help me make a difference. Here is a win-win offer and the chance to participate in a programme that may benefit many of your colleagues over the next few years.  There is no catch, nor financial cost.  No terms or conditions.  Just the desire to develop an existing programme to be the best it can be with your support and in a way that you may also benefit.


If I may introduce myself.  I am an established and successful Business Coach. What sets me apart from most other Business Coaches is my significant education experience, including experience as a head teacher and consultant head teacher.  Currently with another coaching partner, and in addition to my business coaching role, I support schools, local authorities and individual heads in a variety of projects.


I am looking to develop a model of executive coaching for head teachers that enables individuals to access empowering, accessible and empathetic coaching support.


Coaching in the business world is an established and recognised effective agent for change  in the individual and organisation at both professional and personal level.  The organisation I work for is the world’s foremost brand, and has secured phenomenal results across 63 countries and over 25 years.  We have supplemented the resources and experience that brings to coaching with personal training from Marshall Goldsmith, probably the foremost executive coach on the planet. 


Developing the best leadership in educators is the ultimate win-win.  The “coachee” engages in a non-threatening, secure, confidential yet challenging programme which recognises the best in themselves and unlocks potential.  The entire learning community benefits from improved performance, improved retention, (as major challenge in educational leadership), and improved self-management.  magaging self is also often a challenge for head teachers aspirant to be at their best yet facing possibility of burnout or detrimental impact to personal circumstances.


Coaching support is the very best and most effective form of being “held to account”.   Usually in education we are being held to account by external authorities and performance constructs.  Here however, the coachee expressly gives the coach permission to hold them to account and even defines the terms, goals, milestones and context in which progress is measured.


It is my certain belief that many educational leaders from every phase and category of school would benefit from such support and therefore in order to develop the most effective programme we can, we are looking for willing participators.


Here is my call to action:

  • Go make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and ponder the offer in this article.
  • Have a look at our website and current programme on this website
  • Register your interest below (you are under no obligation and by doing so we end up having a simple chat on the phone at this stage  


What I need from you:

Please note.  There is no cost to yourselves other than a willingness to invest your time in a trial coaching series of sessions and some intellectual capacity to constructive feedback.   The timing of the complimentary coaching will be negotiated with you.  We will accept 6 volunteers from a range of different contexts.  I will ask you for your opinion on delivery models and cost structures.  We will need to skype or chat at the beginning and end of the trial for a few minutes. 


To your success

Gavin Bellamy

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