Leading Minds: Executive Coaching For School Leaders
Leading Minds: Executive Coaching For School Leaders

Support to Heads  -  Why us?   

Why us instead of more formal support?


Qualification: Confidential support by qualified coaches for both wellbeing and professional effectiveness.


Relevant Experience: Our Coaches also have either relevant headship or other senior leadership experience.


Appropriate Focus: Structured  / agreed Coaching framework addressing professional  / personal issues.


Needs-led: Non-directive coaching that understands and supports the individual at their point of need.


Focus: Structured coaching that helps the individual clarify, prioritise, innovate and develop.


Confidentiality:  Support provided is confidential and from trusted and understanding peers.  



Who is doing the coaching?

The Coaching team consists of a former headteacher who is also a qualified business coach and cognitive therapist, and a former senior leader, also a qualified coach and cognitive therapist.


Between us we have over 40 years experience in schools. 

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