Leading Minds: Executive Coaching For School Leaders
Leading Minds: Executive Coaching For School Leaders

(69% of Headteachers are considering leaving the profession – ASCL/TES 2014)

Coaching The Human Being....


As you will be aware, many headteachers who otherwise enjoy a rewarding, challenging career that impacts powerfully and positively  on the lives of many individuals,  are nevertheless facing, burnout, isolation,  and occasionally challenges to their leadership.  If this is you, or you are concerned it may be you at some point in the future, then we would like to invite you to talk to us.


From my own experiences of Headship and more latterly “trouble shooting” I am aware just how important it is to support headteachers in their role, and for that support to be non-judgemental, totally confidential, and independent.  As an experienced educational leader and an experienced coach then I believe that professional and personal coaching has the potential to transform your professional impact and personal wellbeing. 


We can help you:

  • Learn how to recognise stress triggers and understand personalised responses.

  • Develop better understanding of the emotional and psychological challenges of leadership, teaching, and the world of work.

  • Modify and adapt professional habits to manage the “challenge of change”.

  • Manage challenging thoughts and faulty thinking.

  • Develop resilience to stress-induced physical and psychological symptoms.

  • Explore and adopt practical techniques for managing the difficult moment.

  • Recognise and address the inter-dependence of work, home and personal issues.


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