Leading Minds: Executive Coaching For School Leaders
Leading Minds: Executive Coaching For School Leaders

Headship is a highly exciting, rewarding, yet demanding occupation.   


Headteachers are subject to constantly changing demands and continuous evaluation in terms of their own professional effectiveness and outcomes for their students. Although typically highly educated, professional, and resilient individuals  they will also tend to deny or hide the physical and mental effects of stress often for reasons of self-esteem, or the perception of vulnerability.


Leadership coaching strengthens everybody’s performance, at any stage of headship. A positive mindset focus through coaching helps embody school values, enhance personal behaviours and promote healthy professional relationships.


If a crisis is reached it is often too late for effective intervention with consequential  personal cost, wider cost to the learning community, and financial impact on the institution, exacerbating the challenge of leadership retention and recruitment


From School Leadership to Leadership Coaching
From School Leadership to Leadership Coaching
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