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Why Do So Many Teams Struggle With Communication And What Can Be Done About It?



In my experience, it doesn't matter what type of school or organisation it is, a quite common "could do better" is Communication.



The reason is straightforward. We are human and we see communication for the large part from our perspective.  If we are struggling to convey a message, to align staff with vision and purpose, to develop a culture where goals are meaningful and deadlines kept,  we will ask ourselves "why don't they get it?" rather than "why am I not communicating it effectively?"



It's faulty thinking, its human, yet it isn't helpful.


Here some fundamental principles:


1. Communication is the response you get.


2. We can not change other people's styles - only adapt our own.


3. There is no good/bad, right or wrong profile.


4. "Above the line Behaviours" (Ownership, Accountability, and Responsibility) are powerful non-blame constructs on which to challenge "Below the line Behaviours" (Blame, Excuse, Denial).



We apply fundamental coaching principles, constructs and tools such as DISC profiling and Wealth Matrix to move teams forward. So what are the first steps in building a better team for you?

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