Mindset and Coaching

There is a state of mind in which we are at our very best. Top performers in the sport, business and education recognise that interference is the prime obstacle to performance. 


Interference is often as simple as fear and doubt.


Coaching develops resilience to help leaders and teachers adapt to constantly changing political, educational and financial landscapes and to remain objective and focused.



How Does Coaching Help?


Coaching meets the leader at their point of need and is absolutely confidential.  


Coaching inspires, reassures and empowers. 


Coaching listens, supports and finds solutions.


The process it helps manage wellbeing, and mentors from a position of knowledge and experience. It establishes an agreed focus where accountability is to your coach.  


Coaching provides a framework for personal and professional development including: 


· Self-Management, task-prioritisation and goal setting


· Team alignment with vision, purpose, priorities etc


· Alignment of personal and professional objectives


· Improving interpersonal relationships at work


· Identifying and developing personal and professional attributes and skills to improve effectiveness at work.



Why consider coaching and mentoring?

We tailor our approach to your individual needs and goals.Our work is primarily focused on performance enhancement, but the by product of that is usually greater contentment and reduced stress.  


We work with clients as both coaches and mentors. There is a subtle difference between Coaching and Mentoring and we offer clients both.  Coaching helps the individual see themselves as others see them, and to recognise both their strengths and limitations.  Coaching helps to briong focus to both the professional and personal lives of the "coachee".  Coaching is non-judgemental, non-directive (most of the time!) and through a variety of techniques and persoanl skills facilitates both personal and profesisonal development.


Mentoring provides support from a position of knowledge and shared skills and experience.  As a former Headteacher / senior leaders, aspects of our support to clients can be more mentoirng "flavoured" if that is required and desired by the client.


Coaching sessions are based on a continual process of assessment, goal setting, action steps and back to assessment. 


Coaching & mentoring, both of which focus on the individual, can enhance morale, motivation and productivity reduce staff turnover as individuals feel valued and connected with both small and large organisational changes. 

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