Meet The Coaching Team

As a former headteacher. Gavin brings a sound understanding of both the challenges and motivations of headship, alongside the ability to “speak the language” and understand the technical detail. 


Gavin will not advise a headteacher on any course of action within his remit as a coach, but will know how to ask the right questions and comprehend the answers, whilst being able to empathise with the situation.  Where the relationship does go to mentoring, then advice and support can be given under those circumstances with the prior agreement of all interested parties.


Gavin has experience of Associate, Substantive and Consultative Headship across several schools and Ofsted grading. 


Gavin has mainly worked in the Secondary Sector although he also has some experience in the Primary sector in what can be described as “very challenging circumstances”.  It is what he thrives on!


Gavin also has qualifications and experience as a coach, executive coach and as a cognitive behavioural therapist.




Marian has had 20 years educational experience, including pastoral and curriculum leadership roles, and has had experience as a head of school in a “school-within-a-school” model.


Marian is very detail focused (as a for example a time-tabler) and has worked with all age groups (including primary) and across a wide range of subjects.  Marian has also coached middle leaders.


Marian is also qualified as a cognitive behavioural therapist and a hypnotherapist.  She has a Masters degree in Psychology.

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