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Our focus on this programme is to work with headteachers and senior leaders.  Executive coaching is stakeholder-centered.   It is personal and confidential and may focus on the practical, strategic, operational and/or the personal, behavioural and mindset. 

Executive coaching also engages with a wider group of stakeholders, particularly with behavioural change matters, to:
1. establish current perceptions of strengths and areas for development and
2. to assess progress at end of programme.  

However what lies between the two is confidential, and positively developmental.

Executive coaching is bespoke to each individual and will focus on the agreed identified priorities and desired outcomes.  Careful preparation is therefore undertaken at the beginning of the process, which we call “alignment” to ensure that the real issues are identified.  Sometimes this takes careful evaluation and insightful questioning as it is human nature to obscure the real issues.  Feedback on behavioural issues is an essential but confidential part of the process engaging with wider stakeholders.  It is also one of the most powerful agents for change in an individual.

Educational leadership is both rewarding and challenging.  However, is widely regarded to be isolated.  This is where most challenges exist for those leaders that want coaching.  Therefore alongside performance and operational issue coaching, there may also be a need and a place for behavioural and mindset coaching.  It is about helping people manage the isolation and mindset issues that accompany such roles so that they may thrive as leaders to the benefits of the whole learning community.

Executive coaching is not about persuading someone to change, it is about facilitating change where the desire already exists.  Where an individual has a clear vision, then coaching supports, inspires, energises, focuses, and plans for improved outcomes.  

What is Executive Coaching?

​​Executive Coaching is increasingly a powerful and effective agent for professional improvement.  As Executive Coaches we work with headteachers, school authorities and leadership teams. Our work has included the following:

  • Enhance performance in key individuals·
  • Develop stronger partnerships and communications
  • Develop and improve vision culture and strategy to embed and secure high performance  through the organisation
  • Develop leadership potential
  • Manage self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Develop stronger professional behaviours,
  • Identify and address limiting beliefs and behaviours


Programme Structure

Programme Structure:

  • Professional Alignment meeting (half day).  Aligning personal, professional and institutional goals and objectives to identify and prioritise the executive coaching objectives.
  •  Personal Leadership Profiling (using the Thomas PPA “DISC” system) plus report
  • Thomas DISC Leadership profile exercise feedback session by Skype
  • 12 Coaching Credits  - 12 coaching sessions (up to 90 minutes)
  • Credits scheduled or redeemed as needed and as mutually convenient.
  • Online Focus Sheet records – record, track and sign off objectives and milestones as achieved.


Enhanced Programme - As Above plus  

  • SLT Level Thomas DISC profiling and feedback for max 10 members of the leadership team.
  • Communication and cultural development session in-house  (half day)


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