Engage And Grow Your Leadership Team

The Challenge

Leaders create an environment for ownership when they provide connection, purpose, support and challenge.


There are many forms of leadership style, but a great leader is going to need to be more than just a competent technician, they will also need to be:

  • Visionary - clear sense of identity and purpose for themselves and their school
  • Self-aware - knowing strengths and limitations
  • Excellent managers of time, health, and energy
  • Committed to the personal and professional development
  • Resilient.


These may sound like "fluffy things" but it is our conviction, backed by the over-whelming stats for retention and health amongst school leaders that these are in fact the "below the surface" qualities that impact profoundly on the actions, behaviours, decisions, and outcomes we witness "above the surface".


Our programmes for leadership development will pay attention, and hold individuals accountable for the technical improvement in their function whilst working with the delegate to be aware and develop these qualities for effective leadership.






The Programme


Our leadership development programmes are bespoke and built to the needs of the leaders and their schools.


The broad structure is a mix of group and personal activities.


Each leader in the programme received a confidential and personal 121 review on their current opportunities and challenges and longer-term ambitions.


Workshop elements are tailored to the school needs but there is likely to be specific focus on the following issues:



  • Building leadership resilience in an environment of high change
  • Building influence and trust
  • Putting leadership into context
  • Creating impact
  • Managing personal development and wellbeing
  • Communicating effectively with all stakeholders
  • Aligning personal and professional objectives.






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