Engage And Grow Your Future Leaders

The Challenge

The desire to lead often evolves over time and with circumstance.


Many teachers aspire to step into the next phase of their career and assume leadership responsibilities, whilst others are asked to lead or find themselves leading through circumstances beyond their control.


Even at the executive level of leadership in a school, not every headteacher asked to be there, whilst many have taken on a role aware that there are gaps in their ability and confidence that don't completely mitigate their passion and determination.


Skills, experience, competency, and mindset are all critical elements of the developing leader. 


A great leader is going to need to be more than just a competent technician, they will also need to:


  • Have Clarity - this brings purpose and frames leadership
  • Be Visionary - clear sense of identity and purpose for themselves and their school
  • Be Self-aware - knowing strengths and limitations
  • Be Excellent; managers of time, health, and energy
  • Be Committed - to the personal and professional development
  • Be Resilient.


These may sound like "fluffy things" but it is our conviction, backed by the over-whelming stats for retention and health amongst school leaders that these are in fact the "below the surface" qualities that impact profoundly on the actions, behaviours, decisions, and outcomes we witness "above the surface".




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