Team Training.  How It Usually Is - And How We Do It... 

CPD with Call To Action Built In. 


It is painful to admit, but with nearly 50 years experience between members of the team, at every level of teaching and leadership, we have experienced much CPD.


It has ranged in style from the downright boring to the innovative and exciting.  However, what is generally lacking in most CPD is quite simply the call to action/commitment that was needed to effect change.


We do things differently and can guarantee that some of the coaching principles and models we use will not have been seen before by your team.  More importantly, they are highly effective.


Our Team Training Principles:


  1. Training must be engaging, interactive and fun.
  2. Two or three key principles only - simple but powerful
  3. Call to action - each workshop ends with a commitment to personal engagement and activity by each delegate that will move them forward.
  4. The minimum amount of writing
  5. And we follow up... 





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