Finding Space To Be A Great Leader

What Does It Really Take To Be A Great School Leader?

Be the master of change rather than the victim of change - Brian Tracy

Our "Engage and Grow" Programmes are a series of "hands-on" workshops built around your needs in support of the professional and personal development of your staff and team.


Their purpose is to improve engagement, communication, and inspire personal and professional development.  This in term will improve retention, professional effectiveness, and personal well-being.


They focus on "what sits beneath" the daily operational activities of individuals and teams and on what is really important in terms of improving performance.


Topics include: 

  • Highly effective communication within the organisation
  • Understanding and developing team dynamics
  • Building resilience and purpose in leadership
  • Self-management
  • Feed-Forward Appraisal and Development systems
  • Time Mastery
  • Aligning stakeholders with vision values and culture.

Our "Engage and Grow" Programmes

Vocational training provided by our team of experts

Engage and Grow Your Staff


Our innovative workshop-based programme is designed to significantly improve staff engagement and alignment to your school objectives and culture.

Engage and Grow Your Leadership Team

Improve communication, understanding, alignment and engagement with and amongst your leadership team. 

Engage And Grow: Future Leaders

Beyond the technical; this programme prepares future leaders for the personal, professional and psychological development needed to improve chances of success at the next level. 


Helping Successful Leaders And Teams To Excel - Try It For Free.

Our Executive 12 Session Coaching Programme Is Intended (As Appropriate) To:

  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Set clear personal and professional priorities, targets and milestones
  • Hold you to account, motivate and resource you in achieving them
  • Develop better communications and stronger team
  • Help you overcome barriers to progress including self-imposed.
  • Manage well-being and professional and personal challenges
  • Greatly increase your chances of success


How Can You Be Confident That This Is Right For You?

Coaching works for most but not all.   


Therefore we offer a complimentary initial Diagnostic Coaching session to map out a possible structure for yourself and to determine whether this is an appropriate development tool for you.  

This is without obligation. 

So Are You Only Acting?

A Modern Leadership Model

The increasingly prevalent (not necessarily popular) managerial position is one of "acting".  This offers both challenges and opportunities and we explore some of the key issues here:


Gavin Bellamy and Marian Hackett with Marshall Goldsmith 

We are proud to be partners of the Resilience Project.  More Information Here:


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